From Surviving to Thriving

I’m Mary Verbovski, and I provide an empowering support system for survivors of cancer by taking the fear & confusion out of future steps, and developing a personalized wellness plan that moves you from surviving to thriving.

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Mary Verbovski, MS, RDN, CSO

  • Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist
  • Pediatric Specialist
  • National Speaker
  • Scientist
  • Athlete
  • Published Author
  • Mother & Wife

You’ve survived cancer, now what?

“How will I manage the ongoing side effects from my  treatments? Will I have the energy I need to make it through the day? How do I navigate the unique life challenges after surviving cancer?”

These are questions my clients commonly ask, and questionsI help provide clarity and answers for. Stepping out into “the abyss” can be daunting and scary, but you don’t have to go it alone. Here are the most common questions my clients ask before getting started with me.

1. Who do I help?

While my passion is navigating cancer survivors through the struggles of recovery to their optimal health and wellness. I also work with some chronic conditions.

2. What health conditions do I assist with?

I specialize in assisting cancer survivors through a wide range of health conditions. I have also worked with clients that are simply looking to achieve an overall healthier lifestyle! Feel free to connect with me if you want to know more about my services and to see if we are a good fit together on your journey to vibrant health.

3. What if I’m not local?

I’m currently based in Tacoma, Washington, USA and primarily hold consultations in person for those in the Tacoma area. However, I would love to help you no matter where you live! My consultations can be conducted using secure, HIPAA-approved video chat via Practice Better and your progress monitored through that same online platform. Please reach out to me if you have any questions on how to connect!

4. What does the Discovery Call include?

My “Discovery Call” is a 20-minute Initial Consultation focused on getting to know you, providing you further information on Verbovski Wellness and its “Five Pillars of Recovery,” and deciding if we are a great fit! During the Discovery Call, we will be begin discussing your health, diet and lifestyle history to begin determining the root cause(s) of your concerns. The Discovery Call leads into the 6- to 12-month Transition Program I have created, which will be personalized to your needs and can be discussed at future meetings. Please use the calendar widget or contact me directly to schedule your Discovery Call with me through Practice Better’s platform.

5. What is Practice Better and how do I use it?

Practice Better is a secure, cloud-based client management platform for Health & Wellness Professionals to save you time and connect with your Dietitian directly. After requesting an appointment with me, you will be prompted to set up your Practice Better account! A link and instructions will be sent to you via email. Creating this account is freeand allows us to communicate your personal and medical information securely. Practice Better can be accessed online through your web browser or through a downloadable app.

From there, you will receive waivers, an intake form (with a variety of questions regarding your current and previous health, diet and lifestyle habits), and other information I may need for your Discovery Call appointment or future appointments (such as a fillable 5-day food & symptom journal that you will use to track your daily diet and note ay symptoms relating to each meal). These documents must be completed and submitted 48 hours before your first appointment. It’s important to have an in-depth view of your health and lifestyle history so that I can offer you the very best guidance.

Once I’ve received your completed documents, your appointment will be scheduled!

Helping you achieve optimal Health & Wellness 

Wondering where you will find support after beating cancer?

Questions about managing ongoing side effects of your cancer treatments? Will you have the energy to make it through the day?

Uncertain about the future?

I can help!

"The Mary Factor"

I’m here to be real with you and share ideas in a fun and interesting way. I’m uniquely professional, approachable, witty and kind. Nowhere else will you find a dedicated scientist and healthcare provider who understands what it takes to win the fight, literally, and apply that to everyday life in family, friendships and feeling your best. 


“Incredibly complex understanding of the body and having compassion for peoples health journeys because of both her professional and personal experiences

Mary has unique qualities that help me feel cared for in a very authentic way. She is willing and capable to problem solve complex challenges with keen insight

Mary made me feel understood and valued. She has depth and breadth of intellectual curiosity & empathy while passing no judgement. I walk away feeling heard and excited about the future!

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Surviving cancer is not the “end” of your journey – it is truly just the beginning! However, many of my clients struggle with where to even begin… when the safety net and support structure of cancer treatment goes away, how do you navigate the uncharted waters of survivorship?

I have good news friend: My whole purpose is wrapped around helping survivors just like you find the clarity, purpose, motivation, and direction you are looking for!

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